Giant Knotweed

Fallopia sachalinensis, formerly known as Polygonum sachalinense
Family: Polygonaceae

Giant knotweed is a hardy, herbaceous, rhizomatous perennial. Plants are dioecious, with some plants functionally female (male-sterile) and some male-fertile. Leaves are 15-40cm long by 10-22cm wide; dock-like, ovate-cordate, glabrous except for scattered, long, wavy trichomes on the paler undersides; tips somewhat acuminate. The stems are stout, hollow, up to 5 metres in height; often reddish-brown, little branched. The flowers are a greenish-white; male-fertile examples with exserted anthers, male-sterile flowers with well-developed stigmas. The panicles are dense, to 10cm and fruits are 4-5mm long.

The plant can have huge leaves (compare to aviators) similar to Japanese knotweed, bamboo-like stems much straighter than Japonica

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