Specialist Weed Control

We have been leading the way in specialist weed control for nearly 20 years. We provide services for local authorities, industrial site maintenance, sports facilities, invasive/injurious weeds, aquatic weed control.

Local Authorities
Growing Concern Scotland has worked with many local authorities from Wick to Stranraer. These authorities are well conversed in contractual standards, and as the sub contractor, Growing Concern Scotland is also bound by these high standards.

Pavements and Back Paths
Growing Concern Scotland has more experience in pavement spraying than any other Scottish company. Through the years, it has built on reputation a highly effective and safe system of operation offering clients an excellent standard of work.

We are the leading Scottish weed control contractor and through our skilled operators who are experienced in effective weed control, we have designed machinery to ensure highly accurate spraying and maximise correct application.

Grounds Maintenance
Along with our weed control service, we can offer an all round grounds maintenance package using our other areas of expertise in landscape maintenance of low to high amenity areas.

For more information on weed control for local authorities, or to discuss a larger package to maintain your grounds, contact us.

Industrial Site Maintenance
We offer a range of services that can keep your industrial area safe and presentable throughout the year.

An Extensive Service
Whether your organisation has one stand alone industrial site, or you have branches across the country, we can provide an effective service.

Hard Areas
Weeds are of course unsightly, but are also a potential fire hazard. We offer highly effective control of all weeds within paved, bricked, kerb, wall heel, gravel and chipped areas. This service takes full advantage of all Growing Concern Scotland weed control equipment, including motorised sprayers, tractors and other modern spraying techniques.

Shrub Beds
We can design, create and maintain shrub beds. Shrub Beds effected with weeds suffer from lack of growth as well as being unsightly. New clients often express difficulties they've had in the past with shrub beds. We can offer an all year round treatment to ensure shrub beds are weed free areas.

Our weed and landscape control services combine to offer an effective service maintaining all grass and lawn areas. We have suitable equipment whether it be rough grass areas, or fine amenity surfaces where accurate grass collection is required.

To arrange a free quotation, contact us by email, post, telephone or fax.

Sports Facilities
Growing Concern Scotland has offered its services to Golf Courses for over 16 years. The valuable reputation we have built up has resulted in our services being taken up by many other major sports venues.

Selective Operations
We are not tied to any chemical sales companies. Therefore we will always offer unbiased services and advice on chemicals.

We offer liquid or granular fertiliser application to your requirements.

Pest Control
From rabbits to worms, we have the equipment and qualified staff to remove pests from amenity areas.

Any Task Undertaken
Growing Concern Scotland has extensive experience on golf courses, football pitches, rugby pitches and tennis courts. Our services can be adjusted to suit any other amenity sports surface.

To discuss your sports surface's specific needs, arrange a free quotation, or simply find out more information, contact us by email, telephone, fax or post.

Invasive, Noxious & Injurious Weeds
Invasive weeds like Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed can be difficult to eradicate. At Growing Concern Scotland we have experience in dealing with all of these types and more. Our spraying and pesticide certificates allow us to use stronger chemicals where possible, and this adds to our ability to provide an efficient and effective eradication programme.

Often these weeds can grow in inaccessible areas. For example, Giant Hogweed is usually found at the sides of rivers. Our weed control programmes can be combined with our other specialist services like aquatic weed control to offer the client a complete package.

Species List

Aquatic Weed Control
Aquatic Weed control represents one of our most exciting and challenging lines of business. Our commitment to provide weed control in an aquatic environment represents the 'no task too big' attitude we have. We have tackled sections of white water for Stirling Council as we eradicated their giant hogweed problem. Please read on for information on how Growing Concern Scotland can solve your aquatic weed problems.

All Watercourses
All various types of watercourses are susceptible to weed problems. At Growing Concern Scotland we have experience in dealing with all watercourse types: rivers, burns, lochs, ponds, wetlands & marshes. A thoroughly professional approach through years of experience, professional training and courses attended, we have ensured excellent results in all our aquatic work. When challenging watercourses are tackled, experienced white water staff are used. On all watercourses, rivers or lochs, correct safety equipment and procedures are used at all times.

The Environment
When watercourses are involved, the environment is of prime concern. We can discuss with you a programme that will have little or no effect on surroundings. We also liaise with SEPA where necessary. Every watercourse is different, and at Growing Concern Scotland we have the professionals who understand the individual circumstances and requirements of every client.

Again, this is an area where Growing Concern Scotland is proud to use equipment specifically designed by ourselves for the exact task in hand. Where a boat is not practical we have used motorised boats with spray canons and knapsack blowers (for use from land).

When providing free quotations and recommendations, we will survey rivers or lochs at no extra cost to the client. For aquatic weed control, we require that a free survey is always carried out before treatment takes place. For more information or to arrange such a survey, contact us.

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